More women are looking for friends with benefits compared to men

What equality has achieved

A recent survey by a UK sex toy brand showed that out of the 1,600 respondents, sixty-four percent of the women had a NSA relationship. The survey results also showed that a bit more than half the males had no-strings-attached buddies. One-third of the females said that their relationships blossomed, while only twenty-eight percent of the males had developed their NSA into something more serious. The statistical data shows there is a tremendous increase in the number of women who are into friends with benefits (FWBs) relationships, which is a form of sex dating.

Keep in mind that the statistical data was gathered from a small sector of a community. The information based on the behavior of females and males does not apply to all. That survey is limited, showing results that make it an interesting read.



However, to be in line with the call for equality, we cannot separate the people who have different sexual preferences. The trend to have casual sex with pals is worldwide and isn’t limited to the female gender. Though for some people, it might be a touchy subject, for us to fall into the pitfalls of segregating people into statistical data that dwells in the NSA arrangements of females and males is not correct. 

As women call out for empowerment, especially in the Third World countries, there is a call to be liberated. It is the underlying issue that plagues our society. Discrimination comes in different forms, and to address the problems and stop inflicting hurt, we can make the changes necessary to have a better world. In line with that, there was a recent development in the sex industry in Amsterdam. Since sex workers there were limited to females and transgender people, for the sake of equality, there are now male sex workers. It is about time. 

To judge anyone by their sexual preferences, or even if they join apps for sex dates, is unfair. As we try to make every single human being on this earth have equal rights, we should take care of merely accepting some of those types of online information as accurate.

Online dating

Years ago, there were set standards for dating. The rules include that women are not supposed to be the one to approach a man for a date. Ladies had to wait to be asked and courted. Then, dating became more liberal, allowing the woman to ask men out. Bills were shared, as before, it was only the man who had to pay for the bill. More women are on board because of our liberated times.  Females are more aggressive in their search as they no longer have to wait for a man to ask them for a date. Online dating sites provide people with the “finder” to suit their sexual preferences. Apps for sex dates are categorized to service the needs of the preferences, among other things. This is what equality has achieved.